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Monday, January 20, 2014

Annual entry@2:40 AM

Just realised that I update my blog once a year. I would periodically remember the existence of my blog at the beginning of each year, do an update, then wipe it off my mind until the next year. Funny how the mind works.

This year I am 26. No longer early twenties; no longer young adult. How should I review my life?

Think I'd rather not.

Too much to type; too insignificant to broadcast; too sensitive to reveal; too heartbreaking to mention. People disappoint me. Makes me want to just concentrate on myself and my own life, which I usually do not.

F**k all that. As of now, I just want to be a perfect daughter to daddy. Please let him win the battle over C.

This song. The emotions. Somehow, I feel that there wasn't a proper closure between him and me. Or will there ever be one?

Should I return to blogging?

{until tomorrow}

Friday, February 01, 2013

@2:54 AM

One year later. One year wiser.

Reading my last entry, I told myself 2012 would be a better year, a life-changing year.

Life-changing; yes, indeed. Better; that I don't think so.

No maater what, 2012 has come and gone. "Look ahead, let the past stay in the past", as most people would say. I am trying.

Fantastic things have had happened in 2012 - I travelled halfway across the globe and visited the states, took my Advanced Open Water, attended a yacht wedding that witnessed the matrimony of my dearest mentor and her loving husband, did my Lasik Surgery, have a room which I can finally call mine, revamped this room of mine, ran my first ever half-marathon at SCM, and gain a few friendships. These people came into my life for a reason, and definitely changed my life for good.

Of course, nothing is all good in the world. We wouldn't be able to appreciate the good things in life should there not be unhappiness. My losses, hopefully, will not end up being real losses. It hurts so badly, deeply, unknowingly, silently, and I never want to feel that way again.

Dear G, there is so much I want to tell you, but the words are stuck, the emotions hidden. Sometimes I think to myself, why can't I just drop the mask, and face you? I guess I didn't want to face the truth that I have lost you for good. Because the truth always hurt.

Dear W, you once mean the world to me. Yet, I hurt you. I destroyed my world. Now, I don't have the right and courage to put you into my world anymore. Thanks for putting me into yours.

I once told a friend that 2012 is the worst year in my life. Let it be, nothing can be worser now.

2013; you better be better. I better make you better.

{until tomorrow}

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reflection on twentyeleven@1:57 AM

Twentyeleven is the year of many firsts for me. Jotting them down in this post to eternalise them:

1. Suffered a major fall in my humble bathroom while doing a stupid thing. Lost my sight temporarily for awhile. Appreciate my vision more than ever since then.

2. Competed in my last HO with Spectrum, as a much-reluctant top flyer. Got third. But what I'm most proud of is not letting my team down.

3. SuperStar Virgo - my first ever cruise with the boyfriend.

4. Graduated from NTU SBS. Second upper honours. First and last time.

5. Grad trip - visited multiple parts of Taiwan with 9 other awesome people.

6. Embarked on my career with Advisors' Clique, Great Eastern.

7. Got drunk for the first time at St. James PowerStation and my friends had to send me home :X

8. Clubbed a lot for the first time (does this count??) - Arena (Halloween), Butter Fact(!!!), New Asia Bar.

9. Cable-ski for the first time at Batam. Still falling all the time. Gonna master it if I have the chance.

10. Involved in a wedding as a Jie Mei for the first time. MORE MORE!

11. Bought my first ever Life policy for myself.

2012 will be a better year; a life-changing year.

{until tomorrow}

Thursday, December 22, 2011

@12:23 PM

I don't need you to respect me.
I don't need you to prioritize me.
I don't even need you to consider my feelings.

I just humbly ask that you always put yourself in the shoes of others, and consider how you will feel in that situation you just put others in.

Thank you.


{until tomorrow}

Sunday, November 27, 2011

@1:01 AM

Rough seas make tough sailors.

{until tomorrow}

Friday, June 10, 2011

@6:46 AM

Sometimes in life, you need to lose some, in order to gain some.

I'm not entirely sure if my loss can make up for my gain, but I just gotta accept it and be contented. Life goes on, and if there's a problem, fix it. No point mulling over it cos that doesnt solve the problem. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason.

In a few hours time, my grad trip is going to end. I hope it marks the beginning of something good.

Goodbye, NTU. Hello, working world.

{until tomorrow}

Sunday, February 27, 2011

@9:25 PM

Went Sentosa with Spectrum today. SUPER DUPER FUN! And did facial for the first time in my life on friday, together with my sis. SUPER DUPER SHIOK!

Then on saturday, I worked for an event called Danceworks. It was so fun! Albeit tiring... I was part of the crew who had to scout for the dance team to move to backstage when it was their turn to perform. There were 20 primary school dance teams in total, and oh my, they can really dance! Synchro, energetic and entertaining! The only not-so-nice part was dealing with demanding and fussy teachers and parents. But everything turned out okay and happy in the end.

I really love working at events, despite the long hours, hard (physical) work, and (sometimes) low pay. I like to see a project/event progressing from the start to the end. I like meeting and working with new people at different events. I like the challenges encountered at different events and finding the best solution to each challenge. I love the sense of satisfaction whenever every event ends successfully. As some would put it, "It's like watching your baby grow up."

That's why I enjoyed my days in TPSS Student Council, TPJC ODAC, Hall 13 events, and most importantly, Spectrum. I like working with people, planning and managing different aspects of the event. School work vs CCA work - it's always CCA work that I will settle first. Something just draws me to making sure that the event I am planning turns out to be a success. I dont mind sacrificing sleep, school work, time with friends/family to plan and find resources for my event. I dont mind serving and smiling at people

Why "most importantly, Spectrum"? Because in Spectrum, I play the part of a senior who share and teach my juniors what I know to help them improve. Seeing them grow and improve and for some, even exceeding me, instils so much pride in me. When they hit their stunts and tell me "thank you veron", the feeling is amazing. Although I am not their bases who help them hit their stunts, but I am happy to be the one pushing (sometimes forcing? =P) them for the stunt, sharing my experiences, giving them moral support, and being there to look out for them. This is literally "seeing my babies grow up". I believe that when you give, you receive.

{until tomorrow}

Friday, February 18, 2011

@1:31 AM

I finally invested money in IPL permanent hair removal for underarm.

$288. Ouch very much.

All thanks to Jieying; I'm very easily tempted by my peers.

She says $288 for 6 treatment is reasonable. I believe her.

Cross fingers that it IS worth it.

No more plucking/epilating *ELATED*

{until tomorrow}


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