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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reflection on twentyeleven@1:57 AM

Twentyeleven is the year of many firsts for me. Jotting them down in this post to eternalise them:

1. Suffered a major fall in my humble bathroom while doing a stupid thing. Lost my sight temporarily for awhile. Appreciate my vision more than ever since then.

2. Competed in my last HO with Spectrum, as a much-reluctant top flyer. Got third. But what I'm most proud of is not letting my team down.

3. SuperStar Virgo - my first ever cruise with the boyfriend.

4. Graduated from NTU SBS. Second upper honours. First and last time.

5. Grad trip - visited multiple parts of Taiwan with 9 other awesome people.

6. Embarked on my career with Advisors' Clique, Great Eastern.

7. Got drunk for the first time at St. James PowerStation and my friends had to send me home :X

8. Clubbed a lot for the first time (does this count??) - Arena (Halloween), Butter Fact(!!!), New Asia Bar.

9. Cable-ski for the first time at Batam. Still falling all the time. Gonna master it if I have the chance.

10. Involved in a wedding as a Jie Mei for the first time. MORE MORE!

11. Bought my first ever Life policy for myself.

2012 will be a better year; a life-changing year.

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